Corradino D'Ascanio: the man behind Vespa

Jan 12, 2022 288

BY: Generoso D'agnese

Master of aviation and motorization,  D’Ascanio died 40 years ago

In 1981, Corradino D’Ascanio switched his “life engine” off. The end of a lengthy life, but certainly not the end of a name that made history in technical design and marked the success of Italy’s mechanical engineering in the world.

His name may have been forgotten by many, but his iconic creations – Vespa and the helicopter – are synonyms of  Made in Italy: the Vespas and Apes D’Ascanio designed motorized millions of people, and still do so to this day. They transported goods to the Andes’ plateaux and, just as easily they became, along with important actors, a symbol of more than a movie!

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