Crossing the Rialto Bridge in Venice

Jun 15, 2016 623

Venice's iconic Rialto Bridge is on everyone's Top 10 must-see list. But apart from taking a selfie at the top or a beautiful panoramic photo down the Grand Canal, few stop to consider the history behind the bridge. Fewer still realize that this is the sixth crossing on the site or that Michelangelo, one of Italy's greatest artists, was linked to its design. At 425 years old it is the oldest bridge across the canal so let's stop for a closer look.

The first bridges
Venice is a city of water. Over 170 canals surround 117 islands making up the historic centre. And over 400 bridges big and small tie it all together. But the Ponte di Rialto hasn't always been so grand.

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano

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