Day of the Dead and “La Festa dei Morti”

Oct 13, 2021 321

The “Festa dei Morti” is among the most important and felt by the people of Palermo, especially by the children who have been waiting for it with anxiety since the previous weeks, when the city is filled with “Mercatini dei Morti” (markets of the dead). In this blog post I will tell you about the “rituals” that are repeated every year in the houses of the Sicilian capital on the occasion of the 2nd of November.

The story wants that in the night between November 1 and November 2 the “dead” to enter the houses of their relatives – in fact in the past, people used to left doors or windows open to let them in! – to give children sweets, cookies and toys, hiding them around the house, or placing them in a locked room.

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