Empty Italy: Risiera di San Sabba Covers Up Secrets No One Dares To Tell

Oct 19, 2020 396


No institutional course can ever summon enough time and resources to master the art of false display. There’s a natural instinct that kicks in when a situation begs for us to wear our mask. It’s not the physical ornament that masquerades seem to worship, or that COVID-19 pandemic brought forward, but an inner intuition that resonates to a coping mechanism.

ùWhether or not it’s to repress a dark secret that we hope no one will unfold, the mask clothes the intentions we fear unzipping to anyone. In Italy, an architecture asserts such use. Risiera di San Sabba knows how a mask functions, a cover-up to secrets no one dares to tell.

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SOURCE: https://italicsmag.com

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