Fabriano, what to see: 10 places to discover in the city of paper

Jun 17, 2024 155

Located in the Marche region of Italy, Fabriano is a city with a history rooted in Neolithic times as evidenced by archaeological finds at the Attidium site. Fabriano’s best-known feature is its ancient tradition in papermaking, which has earned it the title of UNESCO Creative City, in the category of Crafts, Arts and Folk Traditions, due to its paper-related craftsmanship. Indeed, since the Middle Ages, Fabriano has been a center of excellence in the manufacture of the material, with its paper mills operating since the 13th century, as evidenced by the Paper and Watermark Museum.

But beyond that, Fabriano has a vast historical and artistic heritage of medieval palaces and towers, churches and oratories. The Cathedral of San Venanzio with its 14th-century details is one of the symbols of the city. Among the most important buildings besides the Cathedral is the Palazzo del Podestà, a medieval-era structure positioned in Town Hall Square, the center of the city.

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