Ferrari Confirms 4WD Hybrid for Prototype-Based LMH Car

Jul 23, 2021 417

BY: Daniel Lloyd

Ferrari has confirmed that its 2023 Le Mans Hypercar will be a four-wheel-drive, hybrid-powered machine built to the prototype side of the formula’s technical regulations. Antonello Coletta, who is the director of Ferrari’s Competizione GT department, told Sportscar365 that the Italian marque has chosen the same core vehicle architecture as the Toyota GR010 Hybrid and the Peugeot 9X8 for its new prototype racing project.

Ferrari announced its entry into the LMH formula in February but did not declare whether it was building a pure racing prototype or using a road car model as a base. It was known to be developing a hybrid racing car, but the drivetrain format was previously unclear. 

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