Ferrari’s Big Breakthrough on the Roma Spider Is a Canvas Folding Roof

Mar 19, 2023 63

BY: Owen Bellwood

On most occasions, a new Ferrari launching is a pretty big deal. Think back to the premiere of the groundbreaking LaFerrari, the hybrid SF90 Stradale and last year’s Purosangue SUV — all important moments in their time. Now, the Italian outfit has unveiled another new model, but the biggest talking point is some fairly retro tech. Witness the Ferrari Roma Spider, with the first folding canvas convertible roof on a front-engine Ferrari since 1969.

Ferrari premiered the brand new Roma Spider last night, and it looks neat. I like the Roma, which was unveiled in 2019 as the brand’s newest front-engine grand tourer and packs a 3.9 liter V8 and rear wheel drive, all ensconced in a pretty sleek design. But one important thing it lacked was a removable roof.

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