Five Italian alpine huts for a summer chill-out

Jul 24, 2015 980

Italy's alpine huts, or 'rifugi', provide the perfect - and inexpensive - place to get some peace and quiet and escape the heat of the Italian summer. And the good news is that they are not as inaccessible as you might think. But what can you expect from a rifugio? Those in super-remote, high-altitude areas might not offer flushing indoor toilets, they are few and far between, but don't let that put you off.

Contrary to popular belief the majority of them are easily accessible, cosy and family-friendly places to stay. Consider them as rustic alpine hostels that offer trattoria style food and drink. What's not to love? With the average price of a bed, dinner and breakfast coming in at around €50, the call of the wild might just prove too much for you.

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