GIO PONTI. The father of Italian design

Mar 02, 2023 461

BY: Luca Cottini

After almost five years grappling with the idea of producing an episode on the father of Italian design, I am pleased to (finally!) present my profile of GIO PONTI, architect, designer, essayist, cultural organizer, polymath, and, quite frankly, the most influential Italian intellectual of the 20th century. Watch the episode here

In the new episode of the show dedicated to him, I start from the journal Domus (which he founded and directed) and present his world, style, and vision of modernity through the objects and spaces he planned. I hope my words and, above all, the images can lead you to discover or re-discover his extraordinary work.

I see this presentation as an ideal continuation of a lecture I published over the summer on the history and distinctive character of Italian design, and it is with great enthusiasm that I share this piece on Ponti with you!

SOURCE: Italian Innovators

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