IAP 182: Stereotypes in Italian media - Le indagini di Lolita Lobosco: a case study

Mar 31, 2021 399

BY: Stephanie Longo

On February 21, 2021, a new television series entitled “Le Indagini di Lolita Lobosco” (“The Investigations of Lolita Lobosco”) premiered on Rai, the national public broadcasting company of Italy. Inspired by a series of novels by Gabriella Genisi, the show follows assistant superintendent Lolita Lobosco of the Bari police force.  Set in the old town of Bari Vecchia, the Rai Fiction production was partially financed with contributions from the Apulia Film Commission. 

Since a production of this scale is seen as an economic boon for any city, actors and actresses throughout Puglia were thrilled by the news of the show’s local production.  Yet, the excitement was short-lived, and when one local actress saw the premiere, she decided to take action.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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