An interview with Clarissa Burt

Jul 22, 2019 358

BY: Carmelo Cutuli

Clarissa, you came to Italy in the wonderful 80's and you lived intensely those years between the Milanese fashion catwalks and film studios in Rome. What memories do you have of those times? Well, they were simply the greatest years of my life! Arriving as a young girl in the most beautiful country in the world with the most welcoming people on the planet made the decision to live in Italy for 30 of my 60 years a very easy one!

On more than one occasion you have expressed a lot of admiration for southern Italy, especially Sicily... Oh, yes! I remember coming to la Sagra della Mandorla in Agrigento in the early 90's when I was working with Raffaella Carrà in Ricomincio da Due on RAI Due. There were something 150,000 people there. When I came on stage the people roared so loudly I almost had to cover my ears! So much love and affection Sicily is unico!

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