Italian triumph at the Short Course Swimming World Championships: gold and world record for the men's 4×100 and gold for Paltrinieri in the 1500

Dec 14, 2022 355

Italy's men’s 4x100m freestyle relay team wins the gold medal at the World Short Course Championships in Melbourne with a time of 3:02.75, setting a new world record. Silver went to Australia, while bronze went to the United States. Italy's Gregorio Paltrinieri also triumphs with a gold medal in the 1500 freestyle event with a time of 14:16.88.

The men's Italian quartet opened the throttle with Miressi (46″15), then Conte Bonin (45″9 on debut). Deplano's acceleration (45″5) and in the last fraction with Ceccon (45″1). "I'm happy for the gold, we did a very fast time," Deplano said from the microphones of RaiSport. "I knew that in the final we had to go strong but the record was our goal and we were sure we could do well, after the battery, also in the evening session. And so it was."

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