Italy with 27 medals: Barlaam, Trimi and relay, three gold medals!

Aug 30, 2021 234

With the silver medal in the women's foil team, Italy's Paralympic medals in Tokyo rise to 27: Simone Barlaam's gold in the 50 sl (cat. S9), Arjola Trimi's gold in the 50 backstroke (cat. S3) and the women's 4x100 sl relay team finished second behind the United States: Xenia Palazzo, Vittoria Bianco, Giulia Terzi and Alessia Scortechini were promoted to first place after the disqualification of the Americans.

It was still a great day in the pool. Simone Barlaam in 24"71 (Paralympic record) beat Russian Denis Tarasov (24"99) and American Jamal Hill (25"19). "It wasn't easy at all, the level was tough. My time was not one of the best, luckily the gold came" celebrates Simone. Trimi - who in recent days had a problem with her shoulder - dominated the race in 51"34, leaving the nearest competitor, Britain's Challis, second in 55"11, almost 4 seconds behind.

"I'm a tiger, I'm really so happy," smiles Arjola, who suffers from a degenerative disease that has made her quadriplegic. "There is something magical in the water that pushes me, for me it is absolute freedom - she says to the microphones of RaiSport -. This gold means that I was able to do something important".

Giovanni Achenza won the bronze medal in the triathlon (Ptwc category), Giulia Terzi won the silver medal in the 400 sl (S7 category), Carlotta Gilli returned to the podium with the bronze medal in the 50 sl (S13 category), as did Giulia Ghiretti: second after an incredible comeback in the 100 breaststroke (SB4 category). And a bronze medal also came from judo: Carolina Costa won the final for third place against the Ukrainian Harnyk.

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