Italy on a sail boat: where to go sailing in Italy, 5 places

Jul 30, 2018 555


Italy is surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea that make it the ideal place to travel by boat through the beautiful landscapes visible from the sea. Sailing holidays are increasingly appreciated and every year the number of fans increases. This is also due to the meteorological and climatic conditions that are favorable for this type of tourist activity. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of the five most beautiful places for a trip in the beautiful waters that surround our peninsula.

The boat is definitely the most suitable means of transport to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape. In fact, from this privileged viewpoint it is possible to admire the most beautiful landscapes offered by our country. Sailing boats are one of the most fascinating means of transport and also one that safeguards the environment. Thanks to the favorable winds of the Mediterranean it is possible to travel by sea using this natural energy.

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