Madre In Italy: Francesco Menghini and the platform to virtually connect Italian talents around the globe

Aug 30, 2015 779

by Serena Perfetto

While you surf the net, you will run into many platforms made by Italians for Italians: you won't find it hard to run into blogs and websites collecting information and stories about Italians moving abroad. But, when we first met Francesco Menghini, an Italian director now in the Silicon Valley, he had no doubts that his platform called "Madre in Italy" is not only different from any other website, but it is also unique for putting together people's fears, hopes, and desires in the same virtual room.

The added value comes from being a website all in the Italian language, making things easier for those who have never left Italy and/or lived abroad. "Madre In Italy" has been developed by Francesco Menghini and Grazia Pracilio, his partner and co-founder, once they found out how many other Italians had their same feelings about being in a different country: nostalgia, excitement, the will to do great things.

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