Mattarella to the Olympic and Paralympic athletes: “You have thrilled the Italians”

Sep 24, 2021 258

The witness of the winning relay. The gift, the moment, the thrill even if it’s hot in the Quirinale gardens. Lorenzo Patta, Marcell Jacobs, Fausto Desalu and Filippo Tortu deliver the object of their golden sprint to the head of state.

It is the most exciting moment, but another one with the same impact immediately follows: with Ambra Sabatini, Martina Caironi and Monica Contrafatto, gold, silver and bronze of the 100 Paralympic athletes who give Mattarella the book of the most beautiful images in Tokyo. Before the President of the Republic begins to speak: “Welcome back to the Quirinale. And thank you for honoring the flag: 109 medals, never so many. You have thrilled the Italians and women are paving the way for success.”

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