The Museum of the Cilentano Emigrant finds a home in San Severino di Centola

Jan 01, 2022 295

After being housed for several years at the School Institute of San Severino, the "Museo Casa dell’Emigrante Cilentano" (Museum House of the Cilentano Emigrant) has finally found its natural home, in a house in the old village of San Severino di Centola, a place symbolic of the abandonment of the Cilentan land by thousands and thousands of Cilento people, forced to seek their fortune in distant lands.

The Museum - the result of the twinning with Hazleton, a town in Pennsylvania (USA), where, in the last century, our ancestors found work in the coal mines - wants to be a tribute to all the people who took part in that epochal event, which changed their lives and also the countries from which they left.

A concrete testimony of the memory and identity of Cilento, to be preserved and disseminated, taking into account the particular value of this initiative, to which the entire population of San Severino contributed, offering objects that faithfully recreate the environment of the farmer-emigrant's house.

The change of venue, curated by the promoters of the museum, members of the associations "il Borgo" and "Cilento-Ellis Island", took place in conjunction with the Living Nativity at the Borgo, thus helping to create a magical atmosphere in the abandoned village and giving it life at least for a day.


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