Naples: boat tours, an unmissable experience

May 04, 2021 112

In the late '1970s, the great Italian songwriter Pino Daniele was able to interpret Naples several facets by singing one of his masterpieces, entitled "Napule è" (What Naples is). Naples is a city of ancient and fascinating history, but today it is a metropolitan city in all respects. These two worlds coexist in surprising harmony. The tourists who visit Naples will feel astonished at every step and will never get lost among the typical folk streets of the city centre, the beating heart of the beautiful city. 

Not only can they enjoy a pleasant walk, but they can also appreciate taking the subway to admire the so-called art stations, an arts complex giving subway users an exhibition of contemporary art at every stop. In this way, even taking public transport becomes a must. The most famous stop is certainly Toledo, recognized as the most beautiful in Europe and among the most beautiful in the world.

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