The New Latin Lover

Sep 04, 2018 853

The Latin lover is a stereotype that stretches back for centuries. Italians are known as a passionate race—they live and laugh and love in a big way, and they enjoy the finest things in life, from sumptuous food to gorgeous women and men. Many North Americans admire the fire that flows through the veins of Italians and there has been many a woman who has travelled to Italy to find her own Latin lover. Whether or not there are still Romeos wandering the streets of Rome, however, is a topic that has been the subject of much debate in recent years.

Italy is famous for spawning many a Latin lover, a man who is zealous about love and sex and that can make any woman on Earth feel beautiful and blissful due to his passionate and romantic nature. Most women are absolutely unable to resist the charms of a real Latin lover. In earlier times, most men from Italy were concerned to be Latin lovers and the country was famous the world over for its appealing men who dated many women, always in search of the right one for them. In books and movies, Latin lovers are often depicted as tall, dark and handsome with golden skin and molten dark eyes. Increasingly, many men pretend to be a Latin lover, but lack the innate charm and personality it takes to be one.

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