Nine Hot Drinks to Enjoy in Italy in Winter

Jan 03, 2022 255

When temperatures drop low, what’s better than a steaming hot drink to warm the body and spirit?! Here are nine drinks to enjoy in Italy in winter. 


The name alone is enough to bring on some cheer. Bombardino (meaning ‘little bomb’) may very well be the favorite hot drink of skiers as you will see many of them gulp one down at Italy’s rifugi (mountain huts) in popular ski resorts. Bombardino is made with warm zabaione, cream, and brandy, although there are three main variations according to the area: 

- Calimero, made with zabaione and espresso coffee 
- Pirata (pirate), made with zabaione and rhum
- Scozzese (Scotsman), made with zabaione and whisky. 

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