At the Paralympics, Italy has already won more medals than in 2016

Sep 01, 2021 482

In 2016, at the Rio Paralympics, Italy won a total of 39 medals, 10 of them gold. Now, after the first week of the Tokyo Paralympics (which will end on September 5), Italy is already at 43 medals, 11 of them gold. Today alone, Italian athletes have won 9 medals: one gold, seven silver and one bronze. The bronze medal was won by Xenia Francesca Palazzo in the 400 freestyle S8, coming in behind the American Jessica Long.

Palazzo, who had already won a gold and a bronze in the 4×100 freestyle and in the 200 freestyle, said: "I gritted my teeth at the end of the race, at the last 150 meters, because I couldn't go on anymore but I wanted this medal and I'm very happy".

Of today's seven silver medals, two came from swimming and were won by Alberto Amodeo in the 400 freestyle S8 and Stefano Raimondi in the 100 butterfly S10.

Another four silver medals came from time trial cycling, in which the letters of the categories are C in the case of bicycles, H in the case of handbikes, T in the case of three-wheeled bicycles and B in the case of tandem bicycles; and in which, as in other Paralympic sports, the type or importance of the disability varies as the number varies. They were won by: Fabrizio Cornegliani in the H1, the 50-year-old Luca Mazzone in the H1, the 50-year-old Francesca Porcellato (at her eleventh Paralympics, between summer and winter editions) in the H1-3 and Giorgio Farroni in the T1-2.

The seventh silver medal of the day came from athletics and was won by Assunta Legnante, who threw 40 meters and 25 centimeters in the discus throw F11.

The only gold medal of the day, in addition to the 10 of the previous days, was won by Giulia Terzi in the 100 freestyle S7, with a time of just over 1 minute and 9 seconds, which earned her a new Paralympic record. Terzi - already gold in the 4×50 freestyle mixed relay, silver in the 4×50 freestyle and silver in the 400 freestyle S7 - said of her medal, "it's the heaviest one, the one I care about the most."

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