Pitina: a not known but precious resource of Italian cuisine

Sep 02, 2016 319

Pitina is a hybrid between meatballs and delicatessen, therefore unique. Its taste is very intense and for this reason it was not always very appreciated. If Pitina is still there, thanks should be given to the few producers remained and to the Slow Food Foundation that put is under its protection.

Pitina was born in Friuli and it is typical of the city of Pordenone. Contrasting opinions rotate around its exact origin but one thing is sure, i.e. the inhabitants had to find a way to keep the little meat they had for a long time. It was not pork (very precious at that time and area) but Pitina was usually prepared with chamois, goat or sheep meats. Worth mentioning is that only old or sick sheep were used become the healthy ones were too precious and useful to produce milk and other diary products.

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