Reflecting On The Legacy Of 'Goodfellas' 30 Years On

Sep 18, 2020 196

BY: Sean Burns

The movie that changed my life turns 30 years old this month. It was a cool September evening in 1990 when two carloads of high school friends and I went to the Showcase Cinema in Revere for opening night of Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas.” The theater was kind of a dump back then and most of the screens were still in mono, but we preferred the place because they never carded kids for R-rated films and if you were sneaky enough you could see two or three movies on one ticket.

It was also located across the street from a sleazy strip club and notorious mob hangout — whenever we drove by on the way to the airport my dad would tell us kids to “count all the Cadillacs at The Squire” — which is something that didn’t dawn on my buddies and I until the film began and we realized we were probably the only guys in the auditorium that night who weren’t connected.

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