Roseto Valfortore, city of honey and truffles within the Daunian mountains

Sep 22, 2023 247

Anciently known as Rosito or Rosetum already in Roman age, within the Daunian mountains there is a small village which, beyond appearances, contains an important history and nowadays is a destination renowned above all for its natural landscapes and finest food, such as honey and truffles: we are in Roseto Valfortore!

The curious name of this town originates from the union of two characteristic elements of the territory: the wild rose, a native floral species that grows in this area, as well as its symbol, and the presence of the Fortore river and its upper valley to the North-West. Geographically, Roseto Valfortore is located on the border between Apulia and Campania, precisely with the province of Benevento, making it an unmissable stage on a long travel itinerary between these two splendid regions of South Italy.

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