San Pietro, A Sardinian Island with Ligurian Heritage

Jul 18, 2019 337

BY: Silvia Donati

The island of San Pietro, off the south-western coast of Sardinia, opposite the coast of Sulcis, is the sixth largest island in Italy. In its 51 square kilometers, it comprises just one town, Carloforte, and many spectacular coves and inlets, where cliffs plunge into the sea.

The island is of volcanic origin, with a hilly interior, but visitors come mostly for the sea (and the cuisine). Punta delle Colonne is announced by two faraglioni (sea stacks), guarding the entrance to the San Pietro canal, lashed by winds and storms and partly collapsed. They are also visible from the path that leads to Bobba beach, a natural inlet that takes its name from a traditional Carloforte dish.


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