Sanremo, not only Festival: what to visit in the Ligurian city

Feb 28, 2021 518

Sanremo, in the province of Imperia, is a pearl of rare beauty that deserves to be visited. History, sea, nature, and music come together in this Ligurian city. The City of Flowers is known in Italy (and beyond) for the famous Italian Song Festival, which for years has established itself as the leading musical event in Italy. Here are the attractions not to be missed in Sanremo.

The oldest religious building in San Remo, the Cathedral of San Siro is located in the historic centre of San Remo. The church was built in 811 A.D., according to the tradition, the bishop Siro, who later became a saint, used to celebrate the mass in the Cathedral. Inside the religious building are works of art by Anton Maria Maragliano, such as a valuable crucifix and the statue of the Madonna del Rosario. 

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