Sicily and the Isle of Women

Jan 15, 2019 336

BY: Tony Traficante

Yo, guys: don’t get so big-headed just because there is an Isle of Man. Bet you didn’t know there is an Isle of Women, in Sicily. Well, suck it up — there is. The Sicilian women created their own [wo]man-caves, so to speak. Sicily is a unique region full of fascinating people, landscapes, history, architecture and unique wonders. It is said that the people in Sicily consider themselves Sicilians first and Italians second. Sicily, one of five of the twenty Italian Regions have been granted “autonomous” status by the Constitution. But wait, this is not an article about the Region of Sicily, although it certainly would be an incredible adventure.

Sicily is an island of islands. It is surrounded by small islands, one of which is, Isola delle Femmine, “the Isle of Women,” or as the Sicilians say, Isula dî Fìmmini. So, what is this Island of Women, and how did it get its name? The tiny isle, not to be confused with the Sicilian town that carries the same name, is located a few meters off the coast. Unfortunately, cari figli, mi dispiace dire che tutte le donne sono scomparse, “I am sorry to say that all the women are gone — and for that matter so are other humans.”

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