Some reasons why Venice is unique in the world

Jan 25, 2019 284

BY: Anna De Filippo

The charm and mystery of Venice always attracted the attention of many visitors. Enchanted by its beauty, most of them hope to visit unique Venice again. Distance can be an issue, but for some citizens of the world, things are easier than for others, because they may live near one of Venice’s “sisters in beauty,” cities that, because of their conformation, location and characteristics can be reminiscent of La Serenissima.

Others are less lucky and may be stuck near one of the many crass, vulgar imitations of Venice sprouting like mushrooms a bit everywhere in the world. Sisters in beauty, we said: well, there are towns, cities and even single areas within them of unique, breathtaking beauty, which have been associated to Venice because of the way they look. More often than not, it is the preponderant presence of water in their urban development to make them reminiscent of Veniceitself. Would you like some examples?

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