Son of English coach remembers 'Grande Torino' on 70th anniversary of Superga disaster

May 04, 2019 326

Every year thousands gather at the Basilica of Superga overlooking Turin to commemorate the memory of Italian football's all-conquering 'Grande Torino' team who were wiped out in an air disaster. This year, Englishman Bill Lievesley will be among them to mark the 70th anniversary of the tragedy which claimed the lives of 31 people including his father Leslie Lievesley, the team coach, among 18 players and officials.

The team known as the Invincibles, winners of five Serie A titles in a row, formed the backbone of the Italian national team at the time. They were returning from a match against Benfica in Lisbon, when their plane crashed in foggy and cloudy conditions into the Superga hill overlooking Turin.

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