Stellantis Pulls Legendary Italian Brand Lancia Back From The Brink

Jun 16, 2021 138

BY: Michael Taylor

Franco-Italian-American powerhouse Stellantis will try to revive Italy’s Lancia, one of the most shamefully neglected automotive brands in the world, by parachuting in its own chief design officer. The maker of some of the world’s most legendary cars, Lancia drifted beyond mediocrity and into palliative care under the stewardship of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but Stellantis is determined to give it one last shot.

“Lancia’s renaissance is a truly exciting challenge,” new design head Jean-Pierre Ploué, Stellantis said. “Lancia is an iconic brand, which will be restored to its central historical position in Europe, leveraging on its huge potential.’’ Ploué will manage Lancia’s design team from the Torino Centro Stile operation in northern Italy, while maintaining his position as the overall head of Stellantis design.

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