Tacopina Revitalizes Soccer in Venice

Dec 22, 2015 625

Joe Tacopina, one of the country's most successful trial attorneys, has also become a leading figure within the Italian football league. After a bid to purchase the Roma Club in 2008, Tacopina came back, in his words with a "mission was to be the first foreign person to purchase a Serie A team". He was successful in 2011.

With partners, Tacopina acquired the nearly bankrupt Bologna club with the objective of applying the North American sports business model into Italian soccer. After just one year, due to differences with the other shareholders, Tacopina sold his ownership in the Bologna club. However, he is now back in the game, having won a license from Venice's local authority to form a new soccer club in the city – Venezia FC.

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Source: http://www.italiantribune.com/

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