The 4 Italian Classic cars to invest in now from 500 to Ferrari

Nov 02, 2015 614

With the stock market ever so volatile and the prices of commodities such as oil and gold seesawing, it seems that it might be time to look for alternative places to invest your hard earned cash. Once you discount bricks and mortar, what else can you park your assets in, hoping for a return, and maybe getting a little enjoyment from it too?

Well, following the publication of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index for 2015, the figures spoke clearly. Classic asset classes like wine are performing at a slow rate with the vintage tipple offering investors a 3 per cent return over 12 months, watches, 4 per cent and coins, 10 per cent. There is however one investment that outperforms the rest, classic cars which offer a 28 per cent return. 

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