These Are the Handpainted Italian Ceramics You Need to Add to Your Tabletop

Jun 27, 2021 444

BY: Laura Itzkowitz

Terra cotta, earthenware, majolica, porcelain—Italian ceramics come in many forms. And while everyone knows that ‘Made in Italy’ denotes quality, you might not realize how many traditions there are when it comes to the creation of tabletop and other design items. That’s because Italian ceramic traditions have historically been—and still are—regional.

In places where pottery is produced, such as Tuscany, Umbria, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, and Puglia, there might be some overlap, but you’re sure to find different styles, forms, and designs. Consider the fact that until 1870, Italy wasn’t a unified country but rather a number of kingdoms and papal states and it begins to make sense.

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