Vendemmia: a word to say the fall has arrived!

Sep 22, 2023 427

In Italy, the word vendemmia (vehn-dehm-mee-ah) is an experience more than it is a word! Rooted in the Latin word vīndēmia, it refers to the grape harvest, a quintessential event that marks the Italian fall season. The word itself is a blend of vinum, meaning wine, and demere, meaning to remove. This etymology encapsulates the essence of the activity: the removal of grapes to produce the cherished Italian wines!

In times past, vendemmia was not just about the harvest, it was a communal event, a time of celebration and conviviality: families, friends, and neighbors would come together to work in the vineyards, each person playing a role in the intricate ballet of grape picking. My grandparents used to reminisce fondly that al tempo della vendemmia, ci si divertiva! (“During harvest, we used to have loads of fun!”). 

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