“Viaggio nell'Italiano” — a new interactive website that combines Italian art and Italian language learning

Mar 28, 2022 224

BY: Melissa Muldoon

Are you fascinated by Italian art? Are you learning Italian or wish you could speak Italian better?

You are in luck! This week my pick of authentic Italian media sites to be on the lookout for is a new website called Viaggio nell’Italiano — Impara l’italiano con noi.” It is an interactive video and blog site that combines Italian art and Italian language lessons. The iconographic Fiat Cinquecento is prominently displayed on the homepage — the quintessential Italian vehicle to take us deeper into Italian culture!

Viaggio nell’Italiano is the brainchild of Francesca Mazza, an Italian teacher who lives in Lucca and studied art history at the University of Pisa. Francesca and I met several years ago when I interviewed her for a review of the iTalki language learning website that pairs students with online teachers. Since then, she and I have been great friends, and every time I return to Italy and Lucca with my language immersion programs, Francesca is a welcome guest and is always ready to meet and interact with my students.

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org

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