Video: Two Divers Discover Rare 16th-Century Wreck Near Genoa

Jun 26, 2020 346

Two commercial divers recently discovered a wooden shipwreck off Camogli, Genoa which could well be the remains of the Santo Spirito e Santa Maria de Loreto, a storied ragusa-style galleon that went down in 1579. Two divers from an underwater construction company, Edoardo Sbaraini and Gabriele Succi, encountered a set of wooden timbers at a depth of about 150 feet in the vicinity of Punta Chiappa, south of Camogli.

They reported the finding to the Archaeological Superintendency of Liguria, which launched an investigation in collaboration with Italian cultural protection authorities. Wreck finds from the early modern era are rare in the Mediterranean, and the discovery presents an unusual opportunity for archaeologists to learn more about regional ship construction methods of the period. 

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