Why oil is a landmark of Made in Italy

Nov 26, 2015 725

by Claudia Astarita

Oil is one of the crucial elements of Italian diet and food industry. Therefore, it seems essential to be able to distinguish among the different kinds. According to Luigi Caricato – oil expert – there are four main categories of oil. Namely, from the top to the bottom we find the extravergin olive oil, the olive oil, the refined olive oil and the pomace oil.

While the first has an intense colour, the second one has a lighter tint that is even more faded in the last two. With regard to the smell and taste, once again the extravergin olive oil has both them quite marked compared to the others. Finally, it is advisable to store all kinds of oil in a cool place, far from stove and oven to keep its original flavour and texture.

Fonte: This is Italy

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