Into the 'Wild Blue' - Discover Sardinia's Most Spectacular Trek

Sep 27, 2021 150

BY: Silvia Donati

It’s described as the most spectacular and challenging trek in the whole of Europe.  While I’m not for absolute statements and I certainly haven’t done all of the amazing treks available in Europe, I can definitely say that Sardinia’s ‘Selvaggio Blu’ was - for me - the most spectacular, thrilling and, indeed, wildest trek I’ve ever done (and I’ve done plenty, including in the Dolomites, which, if you’re familiar, you know how incredible they are).

The island of Sardinia, located to the west of mainland Italy, is mainly renowned for its coast and Caribbean-like beaches. It’s not the first destination that comes to mind for a hiking vacation - unless you’re an avid hiker like me; then chances are you’ve heard of ‘Selvaggio Blu’ (it literally translates as ‘Wild Blue’). 

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