The world's rarest Maserati collection is stored in a barn in Italy

Jul 03, 2018 507


On the outskirts of the rural northern Italian city of Modena sits Hombre Farm, a small family-run business that produces what some say is the finest Parmesan cheese in the world. Yet few of the hardcore foodies who make the pilgrimage to this nascent food capital are aware of the gleaming treasure trove tucked away inside one of the modest, nondescript barns that dot the 791 acres of family-owned farmland.

ABC News was recently granted access to the little-known and rarely-seen stash of more than a dozen of the finest automobiles Italy has ever produced – an unparalleled collection of iconic race cars and grand tourers that illustrate the rich history of the Maserati company and serve as a lustrous reminder of the legendary automaker’s racing prowess in the 1920s and 1930s.

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