Alessandra Mastronardi ready to emerge as US film star with "Tourist"

Jun 18, 2014 1660

Italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi is gaining notice with filmmakers in the United States as she is rumoured to be an actress to look out for because her talent is resulting in her stealing scenes to such an extent that some are predicting that once she is seen on the big screen in her upcoming movies "Every Damn Christmas" which is scheduled for release in late 2014, and her 2015 movies "Life" and "The Tourist" she will very likely be an in-demand actress for many Hollywood filmmakers.

The beautiful actress is known to some American fans for her role as Milly in the 2012 Woody Allen film "To Rome With Love", a movie about the predicaments and escapades that some visitors and residents of Italy sometime get themselves in but the buzz about her performance in "Life" has some entertainment insiders thinking that she might become a new star who emerges in the US film industry in 2015.

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