The Ferrari V12 Spyder that helped conquer America

May 19, 2021 318

Exotic sports cars are to be found everywhere these days, not least in America. But things were different back in the spring of 1952 -  so when 14-year-old Ronald C Hill heard the news that Colorado's first-ever Ferrari had landed in his home town of Denver, he grabbed his box camera, jumped on his bicycle and set-off to see it.

The car in question was the very 340 America pictured here, flown in by Douglas DC-6 from the Big Apple where official Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti had shown it off at the 1952 New York Auto Show before freighting it to the marque's newly-appointed Western representative George Joseph jnr  - who promptly slapped a $20,000 price tag on the windscreen, the equivalent of around 10 times as much in today's money.

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