IAP 104: Ferragosto, Fredo, and the first American Saint- an Italian American Podcast emergency broadcast discussing the week that was in Italian America

Aug 21, 2019 547

ATTENTION FELLOW ITALIAN AMERICANS!  This week marks the first emergency broadcast for the Italian American Podcast.  Although the team was planning to take a week of rest and relaxation to celebrate the ultimate Italian vacation of Ferragosto, the wider world just wouldn’t let us rest because during the week leading up to the holiday the Italian American community was in the news for a host of reasons and true to our word to be a voice for Italian America we wanted to make sure to weigh in.

From the controversy surrounding CCN anchor Chris Cuomo’s reaction to being labeled “Fredo” to the all too under the radar decision by the First Lady of New York City to strike down a monument of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, there was just too much to discuss to stay off the airwaves.  Of course because it’s the Italian American Podcast, the episode will start with a fantastic conversation of the history of cassata cake, but we’ll get to the meat of it and bring you all the ups and downs that occurred in Italian America during this eventful week.

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