IAP 250: 250th Episode Celebration

Oct 06, 2022 411

BY: Stephanie Longo

It’s an episode 250 conversations in the making! This week, the Italian American Podcast marks its 250th episode, and we certainly have a lot to celebrate as we kick off another Italian American Heritage Month! We discuss John and Dolores’s recent trip to Sicily, where they experienced the island in ways few Americans ever get the chance to experience. They share their stories, and how they came to realize just why their — and countless other — ancestors left Italy for the New World.

And, of course, the conversation makes its way to what they ate, and we take a detour into some of the regional Italian specialties we all enjoy so much, and why there are essentially two Italies to visit—the one we learn about, and the one waiting to be discovered.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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