Italian wines are increasingly appreciated in US restaurants

Sep 20, 2023 270

In the realm of Italian wines in the United StatesPinot Grigio and Prosecco reign supreme, closely followed by esteemed reds like Brunello di MontalcinoBaroloChianti Classico, and Amarone. These wines lead the pack among the top 150 Italian wines favored by U.S. restaurants, according to a survey conducted by wine2wine Business Forum in collaboration with the website

The survey drew insights from a vast sample of 45,000 restaurants spanning the entire US. Pinot Grigio has held the affection of U.S. consumers, making it the preferred Italian wine denomination whether on supermarket shelves or restaurant wine lists, with a staggering 20 different labels. Prosecco follows closely behind with 19 labels, while renowned reds such as Brunello di Montalcino (17), Chianti Classico (10), and Amarone (8) complete the top ranks.

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