Legacy of Brian Piccolo still resonates in Bears organization 50 years later

Jul 15, 2020 96

When Bears running back Brian Piccolo died at 26 of embryonal cell carcinoma 50 years ago Tuesday, a crestfallen George Halas said, ‘‘He was so young to die with a future that held so much for him. But Brian made the most of the brief 26 years allowed to him.” Then he added, “And he will not be forgotten.”

Even Halas probably didn’t realize how right he would be about that. Fifty years after Piccolo’s death, his legacy as a fun-loving, gritty competitor and great teammate who worked for everything he got in the NFL and exemplified courage is thriving — and remains an inspiration for players who never knew him to be the best they can be.

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SOURCE: https://www.niashf.org/

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