Planning Your Dream Wedding in Tuscany

Apr 04, 2016 1450

Jennifer Martin is an Italian American living in the Boston, Massachusetts area whose dream became a reality many years ago when she traveled to Italy for the first time for a study abroad program back in college. Her goal at the time was to open her eyes to new horizons and get a true cultural experience of her heritage. As she traveled all over many regions from northern to southern of Italy, she got a feel for the differences in landscapes, food, wine, dialects and the people. She returned to the United States after her time there with a yearning for more.

Since then she has returned to Italy close to a dozen times always exploring new towns. What has developed for Jennifer over the years is her desire to learn the Italian language and to become an expert on Italian wine. Outside of continuing to learn the Italian language to this day, back in April 2013 Jennifer felt the best way to truly immerse herself in Italian wine was to start an Italian wine blog called Vino Travels.

Jennifer shares the history of wineries, lesser known native grape varietals, interviews with winemakers and Italian wine suggestions from her experiences. She also will include cultural aspects of each region and occasional food pairings with recipes. The goal of Vino Travels is to educate and share her passion for Italian wine with her readers from all over the world and open one's eyes to the hundreds of native grapes found all over Italy.

Jennifer's journey doesn't stop there. Back in the fall of 2013 Jennifer fulfilled her dream of getting married back in Italy. She dreamed of that day from when she made her first voyage to Italy in 2001 and knew she would return with her family to celebrate this momentous occasion in her life. She chose the small town of Bucine in Tuscany. Her love of planning and drive to succeed allowed her to plan this wedding from scratch from the comforts of her own home in the United States. Once the wedding was completed, Jennifer felt such a sense of pride and accomplishment and wanted to be able to provide the tons of information that she gathered and learned from her experiences to be able to help brides around the world plan their wedding in Italy as well. Hence, the commencement of her writing her first published book called "Planning Your Dream Wedding in Tuscany".

"Planning Your Dream Wedding in Tuscany" is a step-by-step guide that takes brides and grooms on the journey to making your dream wedding in Italy a reality. The book discusses everything including: places to consider, legalities, photographers, transportation, hair and makeup, flowers and more. "A wedding abroad doesn't have to be as expensive as folks believe it to be", says Jennifer. For Jennifer it was all about being with family and starting to build a life with her husband in a place that captured her heart. The book allows you to make it as extravagant or as simple as you want and allows you to save on hiring a wedding planner to do everything that one is capable of doing on your own.

Jennifer's book is available as an ebook and in print and you can purchase "Planning Your Dream Wedding in Tuscany" here.

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