The Capone's has been canceled

Dec 07, 2014 1510

by Manny Alfano

The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition would like to publicly thank all the Defenders and Coalition Organizations that contacted the Reelz channel about their reality show "The Capones." "The Capones" was not a hit for Reelz Channel, which has taken a pass on ordering a second season of the west suburban-set reality show about descendants of Chicago's infamous gangster.

The One Voice Board of Directors hopes that Reelz and other producers of reality show finally get the message that Italian Americans are sick and tired of these scripted Italian American reality shows that show the lowest of the low.

It is the position of The Italian American One Voice Coalition that it is not acceptable to demean any ethnicity, Italians Americans included. Programs such as "The Capone's" continued to perpetrate false and negative imagery that breeds intolerance and prejudice among the many diverse backgrounds that have historically merged to make our country strong and what it is today.

This show was disrespectful, demeaning and insulting to all Italian Americans and should not be considered acceptable, as shows degrading other ethnicities have not been tolerated and, in point of fact, have been eradicated over the years through enlightened attitudes that defy, rather than promote negative stereotypes.

Once again thank you
Manny Alfano

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