Tony Danza is brought to tears learning about his ancestors: 'Crazy grateful'

Apr 01, 2023 4096

BY: Chrissy Callahan

Tony Danza was brought to tears while learning about the struggles his maternal grandfather endured on his journey to become a U.S. citizen during an appearance on Season Eight of the PBS show “Finding Your Roots.” While chatting with the show’s host, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Danza explained how he always thought his grandfather, Antonino Camisa, came to America in 1917. However, the actor's timeline was off.

Camisa actually left Sicily, Italy with his brother in 1909 and arrived in Boston that same year. Since many details about Camisa's challenging journey weren't passed down, Danza was particularly saddened to hear that he had a rough time after moving from Boston to Pennsylvania. To make a living, Camisa worked as a tinner, a "dreadful" job, as Gates explained, that involved long hours in hot, noisy mills with noxious chemical fumes. 

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