Vince Lombardi, simply the greatest

Feb 13, 2022 589

It is Super Bowl Sunday and at the end of today's game, one team will go home with the coveted, Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the legendary Italian American NFL coach. Lombardi was born in 1913, in Brooklyn to immigrants from Salerno, Italy. Lombardi and his siblings faced intense discrimination, outside of their neighborhood, due to their Italian background.

Church was a large part of family life growing up, with Sundays reserved for attending Mass, followed by a lengthy dinner amongst family and friends afterward. In 1933, Lombardi accepted a football scholarship to play for the Fordham University Rams. After graduating from Fordham in 1937, the Great Depression led to few if any career paths for Lombardi.

He would accept an assistant coaching job in 1939 at St. Cecilia High School in New Jersey and also become a teacher at the school. Lombardi would take over as head coach of the school in 1942, leading the school to become one of the top football teams in the nation.

In 1948, Lombardi took an assistant coaching job with West Point’s football team that would serve as the major influence on his coaching style. An assisting coaching job with the New York Giants would follow, but it was his time with the Green Bay Packers that would cement Lombardi’s name forever as the greatest football coach in NFL history.

Taking on a dismal looking Packers team that lacked motivation, Lombardi exhibited his famous never quit attitude and leadership to lead them to five NFL Championships and the first two Super Bowl Championships.

Lombardi passed way in 1970 from cancer and in 1971 the Super Bowl trophy was presented from there on out as the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Aside from the trophy, his name lives on in the memorable quotes he has left on motivation, work ethic and life for countless generations to come.


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