What is UNICO National doing about the Columbus issue?

Jul 04, 2020 758

BY: Frank N. De Frank, M.D., President and Sal Benvenuti, Executive Director

For the past two weeks or so your National President and Executive director have spent several hours a day (at minimum) on this Columbus issue, either via email (or Zoom) or on the phone.

We are trying to provide information and suggestions to our local chapters as this issue arises in their locales, and we have been working closely with the IAOVC (OneVoice) and other Italian American organizations throughout the United States regarding this matter. A joint civil legal approach has even been initiated.

In discussions with other Italian American organizations, we have found that the Columbus issue is best handled locally with national organization assistance. Local vigilance, prompt and early notification of law enforcement and government officials, and cooperation with other Italian American organizations locally have had the highest rate of success. Of course, local government and law enforcement have to respond! (How many times did we use the word "local" in this paragraph- there is a message in this!).

UNICO's official statement is present on the website and on Facebook.

This statement has been sent by the President to the mayors' office, town council, and law enforcement in every town that we have been notified is considering altering their Columbus statue, from San Francisco to Columbus (Ohio) to Connecticut and everywhere in between.

The negativity around Columbus has become so pervasive in academia and therefore in the younger generations that it has become very difficult to re-educate them and dispel the perpetuated myths and fiction regarding Columbus' life. The UNICO National website has an excellent video regarding this matter, and we have other resources if requested. Was Columbus perfect? Absolutely not, but I believe the last perfect person died on the cross! We all need to fire up our "passion" in the defense of out Italian heritage!

As always- stay well, stay safe, stay prayerful!

Molte grazie e Dio vi benedica!!


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